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All reservations or inquiries should be emailed to:

New Clients
We'd like to chat with you by phone or get detailed information via email, so we can be sure our service matches your pet care needs.

We'll need the following information:

  • Your city (please see list of cities we service on our home page)
  • Number and type of pets
  • Type of service needed, such pet sitting or dog daily walking
  • Number of daily visits needed
  • Approximate dates of service
  • Best dates and times to schedule a pre-service meeting (at which time we will take notes on necessary info such as name of vet, etc.).

Please email us at or leave a detailed message with the above information at 925-798-7621. We will get back to you at our first opportunity.

Established Clients
We know your pets and your routine, but the following info will help us to process your request as quickly as possible:

  • Dates of service
  • Starting visit time and ending visit time when we are coming more than once a day (i.e. whether AM or PM)
  • Any special requests
  • Numbers where you can be reached when you are out of town. We like to have these in advance whenever possible.

You may email us at with the above or call and leave it on our machine at (925) 798-7621.

* If you email us and don't have a reply back within 36 hours, please call us. If we are out of the office, and there will be a delay in our response, that info will be on our answering machine greeting. Email can sometimes be unreliable. Please know that we check email regularly and always wish to respond as quickly as possible.

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