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How do we establish service?
Simply give us a call and we'll determine if our service is right for you. We'll set up a meeting so we can get acquainted with you and your pets. There is no charge for this visit. At this time we like to pick up the key and a deposit toward your first service fee. It's best to call at least a week before you need us the first time, at least a month in advance before a major holiday.

How long are the visits?
All visits are 30 minutes in length. We might stay a little less time for a shy cat who is waiting for us to leave, before coming out to eat. Conversely, if something happens that requires extra attention, we may be there a bit longer than usual. 

Do you have extra fees for holidays and returning keys?
Rather than charge an extra fee on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we usually stay a shorter amount of time at each visit we do that day. This enables us to have some time with our families. We take care of all of your pets basic needs and even if we do stay as long as usual, we don't charge extra.

We don't have a fee for key pick up and return, because we keep these to a minimum. We will pick up and return the key the first time you use our service. For future service dates, you have the option of having us keep a key on file, bringing it to our office, or mailing it to us. With everyone's busy schedules, key exchanges are difficult to coordinate, and our priority is with the pets currently in our care.

How is payment handled?
We utilize Transax to process our payments. When you agree to signup for our service we will send you a link to enter your credit card information online, and we will charge your card on the first day of service.

Our sitters will not be picking up checks or cash left at your home. The primary responsibility of our staff is the safety and care of your furry family members.

Can you give my pet insulin injections?

We care for quite a few diabetic cats and dogs. We have several staff members who can administer injections. We are accepting new clients with diabetic pets as long as their pets have no history of aggressive behavior.

Why did you name your business Apronstrings?
We wanted to use a word that expressed the bond that animals have with their people. We often talk about children growing up and "cutting the apron strings" when it's time for them to be out on their own. But, of course pets can never do this. They are totally dependent on the care humans give them. As pet sitters, we are here to provide that special care when you can't be there to do it yourself.

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