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Apronstrings was founded in 1990 by Kim Tank, a registered veterinary technician. Kim is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International. In addition, she has become Fear Free Certified, a program developed to reduce fear, stress and anxiety in pets.

She hired her first employee in 1996, after carefully researching hiring practices in the industry. Her staff have always been employees, covered by her bond, liability insurance and worker's compensation policy. All of her staff receive intensive ongoing training and all are either certified in pet first aid, or are currently enrolled in a class.

Meet Our Sitters:

Kim T, Founder and CEOKim T

Founder and CEO, Kim has always known she was destined to work with animals and has devoted her life to working in pet care. After living in Concord for many years, she relocated her family to Pollock Pines, CA, in 2016, to raise goats and (more) chickens. She has 4 cats and a dog as well. Kim splits her time between the Bay Area and El Dorado County to maintain a close connection with her sitters, her clients and their loving pets. When not working, she loves running, kayaking, mentoring other pet sitters and exploring El Dorado Wine Country.



A graduate of Northgate High School, Ciera is keeping very busy with her own pets when not pet sitting. She has a Lab named Charlotte and Border Collie mix named Ellie. She has four cats: Talulah, Erika, Jett and Violet. Ciera has also been fostering kittens for Community Concern 4 Cats. Her hobbies include drawing, painting and traveling. Her love for animals drew her to being a pet sitter. She loves being able to provide care for busy clients and fellow travelers. She thrives on new experiences and finds caring for pets means a different unique experience each day. Ciera hopes to continue working with all kids of pets in the future!



Vicki lives in Pleasant Hill and shares her home with her daughter and a wonderful menagerie of animal friends: A Labrador, a Doberman, a cat and a snake. When not pet sitting, she is a full time teacher in Walnut Creek. When asked why she decided to become a pet sitter, she said "What can be better than taking care of children?....Taking care of Pets!". She loves pet sitting because pets can't tell you when your new hair style is weird! But all kidding aside, Vicki says that caring for someone's pet the way she cares for her own brings her joy and happiness.



Jaymie shares her home with her beloved Terrier mix named Jasper, whom she refers to as her 'shadow'. When not pet sitting, she enjoys spending time with friends and participates in a virtual book club every other week. Jaymie wanted to become a pet sitter after spending time working as an office assistant. She says her favorite part is spending time with all the pets and hearing all the creative names their owners give them. Jaymie is also one of our midday dog walkers and enjoys the bonds she has made with our wonderful 'regulars'.


Kim DKim D

Kim lives in Walnut Creek with her husband and two pets: A beagle named Opie and a Ball Python named Moonlight. She loves outdoor activities such as running, hiking, snowboarding, kayaking and backpacking. She really loves working with animals and was very happy to have this opportunity. Kim loves pet sitting because she is able to keep the furry children of our clients safe and happy while they are away. In addition to serving traveling clients, she is one of our midday dog walkers and loves all the dogs.

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